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Persistent Bistate Toggle Switch

I'm a noob if it comes to electronic components but I'm trying to achieve the following and I would really appreciate some suggestions: I have the following requirement:When a circuit...

Asked on 08/01/2020 by Adam Saturna

2 answer

Sphere in a cube - Thermal conductivity

So, I'm doing a group project for a materials and manufacturing engineering class, where our job is to make a product using injection molding. For our project, we chose a...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by Andrew Sobek

2 answer

How can you convert 180 rotation into two separate motions?

I have a small servo that can rotate 180 degrees. I would like to get two different connected parts to move at different times, one part moving while the servo...

Asked on 07/28/2020 by Dr. Cyanide

0 answer

Replacement components?

I'm building a tracker for a high altitude balloon but some of the components are out of stock and may not be in before our launch date. I'm good with...

Asked on 07/26/2020 by Jim Swarthout

1 answer

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