How many increase

English Language Learners Asked on January 6, 2022

How many increase in the (number of) jobs go to Americans?

Is using How many increase correct above (instead of How much increase)

2 Answers

Increase is not a countable noun, so you can't say how many increase.

"How many of the increased number of jobs go to Americans?" (How many refers to jobs)

Answered by Kate Bunting on January 6, 2022

Neither are correct. You need to use:

What increase in the number of jobs goes to America?

Or (depending on your context/meaning);

What increase in the number of jobs is attributable to America?

“An increase“ is a single concept, with a particular value, and you cannot refer to “many increase” as if it was a plural. Notice that the question focuses on “the increase” (singular) not on “the jobs” (plural).

Answered by Orbital Aussie on January 6, 2022

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