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English Language Learners Asked by Juan becker on January 2, 2022

If you want to rent your apartment, what is the proper way to say so? Do you offer a friend an apartment in rent?

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A renter rents 'from' a landlord. I rent my apartment from Mr. Biggs.

A landlord rents 'to' a renter. I rented [leased] 210 Elm St. to Mary J.

An apartment that is on the market to be rented is 'for' rent. 201 Elm St. is for rent.

Answered by EllieK on January 2, 2022

X rents Y - X is staying at Y and paying rent to the owner of Y (X is the tenant).

X rents out Y [to Z] - X owns Y and is letting Z stay there if Z pays rent (Z is the tenant).

X rents Y to Z - Same as X rents out Y to Z.

X is for rent - The owner of X is looking for a tenant.

X is renting [out Y] for Z - The owner of X is looking for a tenant that will pay Z if Z is a cost, or the owner of X is seeking a tenant on behalf of Z if Z is person. Y would be the place itself if specified.

If you want to let your friend stay somewhere in exchange for money, you are renting or renting out a place to him.

Answered by LawrenceC on January 2, 2022

If you are asking what would be an acceptable wording for a statement offering an apartment for rent, here is my suggestion:

"I have an apartment for rent. Are you interested?"

Or if the statement will be used for an online or written advertisement, I suggest simply: "Apartment for rent:" followed by the terms of rental, such as the amount of the rental fee, whether or not utilities are included, and the size of the apartment and number of bedrooms/bathrooms.

As for your question regarding whether you can offer a friend an apartment that you have for rent, whether or not it is appropriate depends entirely on the situation and what your friendship is like. I would say that if you have an apartment for rent and you have a friend that is looking for an apartment, it is usually appropriate to simply notify that friend in a statement similar to the one I suggested above.

Answered by Mrssbolton on January 2, 2022

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