Which adjective does 'pills', 'powder' and 'liquid' belong to?

English Language Learners Asked by Ivan Gonzalez on January 6, 2022

My native language is Spanish and today I was wondering how do you say ‘presentación’ referring to the type of presentation the medicine come from. For example, if you go to the drug store to buy a medicine you can ask if you have it in injectable form or in pills. How can you ask in which presentations the medicine came from? It is ok to say ‘presentation’ as a literal translation from the Spanish or it have a different word to refer to it?

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The word used for this in English is form. "Presentation" is a false cognate.

The Wikipedia page on the concept here used the longer term "dosage form," but in practice we wouldn't use such a specific phrase unless we had to disambiguate with other meanings of the word.

Answered by Alpha Draconis on January 6, 2022

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