Is "those information" valid, or is it "this information"?

English Language & Usage Asked by Jeff Noel on December 19, 2020

I know information does not have a plural form (syntaxically talking), which leads me to the following problem:

The username and password are missing. I need [this/those] information.

I feel like the right term would be “this”, even though we are asking for several details… but I’m not sure at all.

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'This': 'information' is the noun for which 'this' is used as the demonstrative pronoun. Since information- is singular, this - is too, no matter what the information consists of.

Correct answer by hungryKoala on December 19, 2020

I have been teaching it as 'this information' for more than 20 years but just heard a British reporter on Bloomberg say 'these informations' and l had to look it up. There are actually many examples of 'these information' online (and my autocorrect ironically wanted to change that to 'these informations'!!! Lol)

Answered by peter lentsch on December 19, 2020

The adjective or article "this" modifies "information," a singular, so "this" is correct. It assumes that the reader knows that "information" is referring to "username and password."

If instead you wish to use "this/those" as pronouns, you might write something like:

The username and password are missing. I need these right away.

Answered by Fred Bailey on December 19, 2020

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