What is an alternative to 'pre-' vs. 'post-' or 'before' vs 'after' that sorts in the order of events?

English Language & Usage Asked on January 6, 2022

If ordered alphabetically , pre goes after post, because the 2nd character r of pre goes after the 2nd character o of post. Same issue with before and after because of their 1st characters. Is there an alternative to these pairings that, if ordered alphabetically, would place the equivalent of pre or before before its counterpart post or after? Like in Spanish, ‘antes’ vs. ‘despues’, but in English (antes means before and despues means after).

One Answer

These days most commonly found as "ante-meridiem" (or a.m.), meaning before noon and "post meridiem" (or p.m.) meaning after noon.

Answered by DJClayworth on January 6, 2022

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