Word, Idiom or phrase for "trying" or "considering to do something"?

English Language & Usage Asked by Ajeet Eppakayala on August 22, 2020

Please look at following statements.

  1. Solution to the problem was so big or complicated that, I didn’t even
    ____(tried or considered trying) it.

  2. That area is so dangerous that, I wouldn’t even _____ to go there.

So, are there any idioms/ words/ phrases that fit in the sentences above? as opposed to simple "try" word?

One Answer

"Attempt" seems to be the verb you're looking for.


I. To try, endeavour, essay.

1. transitive. To make an effort, to use one's endeavour to do or accomplish some action:

a. with infinitive. To endeavour, try

1818 S. T. Coleridge Friend (new ed.) I. 256 The truths, we may attempt to communicate.

1876 J. R. Green Short Hist. Eng. People (1882) i. §3. 22 To attempt the conversion of the English.

Correct answer by Greybeard on August 22, 2020

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