Contract transaction cannot be found after i get result of pushSignedTransaction

EOS.IO Asked by aaron zhan on August 20, 2021

I’ve send a contract trans on mainnet use [email protected], and i’ve tried for 4 times, every time i get a trans result, but all of them seemed been drop, i cannot find them on explorer or on chain, can any one help to explain this?
And i send to the NO 1 BP node, huobi.

          #12 action_traces:[ 

One Answer

The result you get after sending transaction doesn't guarantee this transaction to be included in the block. When node receives a transaction, it tries executing transaction with current state. If it is executed normally, node will return locally executed result immediately to sender and broadcast transaction to other BPs. However, because of various reasons (network partition, missing block production, etc), it can fail to make transaction included in the block.

Answered by conr2d on August 20, 2021

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