Does the term "Ethereum ECDSA signature" have a consistent meaning?

Ethereum Asked on January 3, 2022

If you were writing some instructions and one of them was:

Provide the Ethereum ECDSA signature of the file using the person’s
Ethereum address.

Would the above instruction have a consistent meaning (i.e. always produces the same output for a given file and address)? I ask because there appears to be subtly different implementations.

If not, what wording could you use to give it a consistent meaning? Perhaps with reference to EIPs…

One Answer

I used:

Provide the prefixed Ethereum ECDSA signature* of the hex encoded file using the person's Ethereum address.

*As per sign(keccak256("x19Ethereum Signed Message:n" + dataToSign.length + dataToSign))) (e.g. web3.personal.sign)

I think just using "Ethereum ECDSA signature" leaves ambiguity between above and the un-prefixed signature which is considered risky (for reasons I'm unsure of atm).

Answered by atomh33ls on January 3, 2022

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