I am following Ethereum Book, but I am getting errors in the Terminal

I am learning Ethereum Development from the Ethereum Book by Andreas. I have stumbled on the first error trying to do $ cargo install . I will post the instructions as an image and the errors I got.

Instruction from the Ethereum Book

When I try $ cargo install it first gave me a warning which is will also display below

Warning Message

The command does some compiling and then gives me the following error

Error Message

I cant really proceed since all the other commands that follow are nolonger working. Please assist if there is anything I did wrong. I am really new to this. I am not a pro-developer but working towards becoming a solidity dev.

I will really appreciate your help

Ethereum Asked by T'Challa Panther on November 29, 2021

2 Answers

2 Answers

When working with rust/cargo, make sure you have the dependencies installed. You can see your error even makes the suggestion:

is 'cmake' not installed?

Rust generally gives good tips as to what's going on. Be sure to read the full error as well next time.

You can either try running: brew install cmake or check the download page:

Answered by Patrick Collins on November 29, 2021

You need to install cmake. Try running the following to install parity dependencies:

apt-get install build-essential cmake libudev-dev

Answered by abed on November 29, 2021

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