Ropsten infura test network + web3 js event listener

Ethereum Asked by Kapil on October 26, 2020

I have deployed contracts on ropsten test network.

ropsten: {
  provider: function() {  
    return new HDWalletProvider(mnemonic, "<api-token>")
  network_id: '*',


pragma solidity ^0.4.17;

contract SimpleStorage {
  uint myVariable;
  event emitval();

  function setValue(uint x) public {
    myVariable = x;

  function getValue() public returns (uint) {
    return myVariable;

In my node js code I am using web3 js to call/listen methods/events from contracts.

my node js file is

web3.setProvider(new Web3.providers.WebsocketProvider('<api-token>'));

and for listening events I wrote

var contracts = new web3.eth.Contract(importedjson.abi, deployedaddressat), result){
    if(error) { console.log(error);} 
    else { console.log('Event setVal:', result);}

When I am calling methods of solidity (setValue() or getValue() which emits emitval() event), I am not able to listen it on node js code.

Could you please help me out.
I am uisng latest web3js version “1.0.0-beta.33”.

2 Answers

Can you try replacing web3.setProvider(new Web3.providers.WebsocketProvider(''));


web3.setProvider(new Web3.providers.WebsocketProvider('wss://'));

It might be a websocket issue as web3 1.0 doesn't support events for http.

Answered by Ashish Mishra on October 26, 2020

I can't see such setVal events in your contract. Indeed, in the contract, the name is emitval. You can try to change your code, result){
    if(error) { console.log(error);} 
    else { console.log('Event setVal:', result);}

and alternative is to listen to all the contract events using ref

Answered by mirg on October 26, 2020

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