Regarding work visas and criminal records from non-native country

Expatriates Asked by slugz on September 25, 2021

If someone were to have a clean record from a their native country and country of origin, but have a criminal record in an outside country, would that affect applying for work visas in countries like NZ, USA, Canada, etc.?

As I understand, some countries ask for documentation from all countries the applicant has been living in over a period of some years. Does anyone know which ones ask for this confirmation?

  • A. Native country (clean record)
  • B. Foreign country (criminal record)
  • C. Desired work destination (not A or B)

One Answer

Not just for work visas, many countries even ask for a clean criminal record for student visas. Most of the times, it's when you have lived in the third country for more than six months. If you have committed a crime during that time, and it's on your record, that can affect your application.

However, just because your criminal record is not clean, it doesn't mean that you can't get a visa. It depends a lot on the type of crime, and whether or not you can convince the diplomatic official.

Answered by thetravelgirl on September 25, 2021

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