Does Zinedine Zidane speak French with accent?

French Language Asked on October 24, 2021

From here: I learn that Zidane can speak 6 languages, including French. But does he speak French with accent from his parent’s language?

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Zidane IS French. His accent is a bit Southern-inflected from his growing up in Marseille, a common regional variation.

But 2nd generation immigrants generally never have foreign accents, no matter how strong their parents' accents, pretty much the world over.

Answered by user13512 on October 24, 2021

Zidane speaks with a medium Provençal accent for being born and raised in Marseilles. Certainly a different accent than his parents who were speaking Kabyle at home.

The linked document states he speaks Berber, Algerian/Arabic but while he understands these languages, he doesn't seem to be fluent at all with them:

On the other hand, the page misses to state Zidane is fluent in Spanish.

Answered by jlliagre on October 24, 2021

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