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« He raised a United States flag on the ships's mast... » : (faire) (se) hisser ?

Perhaps recognizing his crew was outgunned, the Catalpa's Americancaptain hatched a clever plan. He raised a United States flag on theships's mast...

Asked on 02/24/2021 by Thélée_Lavoie

1 answer

Is there any table for French grammar - question words and more?

I'm looking for a grammar table in French that explainsQuestion wordsCommon phrasesBasic verb rulesBasic way to say "it, some, any..." etc.Is there any a table or large picture for that?...

Asked on 02/10/2021 by Daniel Mårtensson

1 answer

Ma nouvelle voiture va consommer peu - position of "peu"

AFAIK the adverbs "rien", "tout", "beaucoup" and "peu" usually come after the verb in simple verb tenses and between the auxiliary verb and the verb in participle in composite verb...

Asked on 02/02/2021

2 answer

How should du regard be understood with the verb parcourait?

I'm not quite understanding the meaning of du regard in the following sentence:L'évêque parcourait la salle du regard et semblait y faire avec lesyeux des mesures et des calculs.It...

Asked on 01/27/2021

1 answer

Forcément vs naturellement

Would you say that there is any difference between using forcément and naturellement in the following examples and is one more adequate than the other given the contexts?Même s'il est...

Asked on 01/17/2021 by LeFrancophile

2 answer

In French, can you say « passer X à côté de Y » to express the idea of "I wanna stay with you forever"?

I would perhaps use « auprès » or « avec »:Tu es la personne auprès de laquelle je veux passer le restant de mes jours.But herein lies the question. Can...

Asked on 01/14/2021 by Con-gras-tue-les-chiens

3 answer

A word to replace "opposé à ma pensée"

I am writing a text and I need to use a rich vocabulary. I have a sentence saying "son opinion contraire à la mienne" and I was wondering if a...

Asked on 01/13/2021 by Samuel Fyckes

2 answer

Comment comprendre cette phrase « un événement dont s'attend à ce qu'il ait lieu » ?

Je suis tombé sur la définition suivante de « sans pour autant » sur linternaute:Dans la phrase, précède un événement dont s'attend à ce qu'il ait lieu...

Asked on 01/10/2021 by runze

2 answer

Is pas and non plus separated in dual verb constructions?

I want to say "I can't work here either" in French. Should I say "Je ne peux pas non plus travailler ici" or "Je ne peux pas travailler ici non...

Asked on 01/08/2021 by Shakir Rather

1 answer

"Qu'est ce qui te fait le dire" vs "ce qui te fait le dire"

"Qu'est ce qui te fait le dire" vs "ce qui te fait le dire" means "what do you mean" but which is correct? Are both correct or is "ce qui...

Asked on 01/02/2021 by Nick Pratt

1 answer

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