Why is it "une vie meilleure", not "une meilleure vie"?

French Language Asked on October 24, 2021

In the following sentence:

Nous pouvons espérer une vie meilleure.

It uses the order of une vie meilleure, not une meilleure vie.

However, meilleur is one of the BANGS adjectives and thus I thought it should be put before the noun vie. That said, when I googled both une meilleure vie and une vie meilleure, both get enough results, and without a warning such as Do you mean [insert the other expression]?.

So why is the position of meilleure after the noun, and if both are correct, what is the difference in its meaning?

One Answer

While BANGS is a good rule of thumb, it's not a strong, 100% true rule.

Many adjectives that are usually before the noun can be placed after it in some cases, mostly for historic or stylistic reasons (it "sounds better" or "sounds more/less formal").

Here the meaning is the same.

Answered by Teleporting Goat on October 24, 2021

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