How can I control ads frequency?

Game Development Asked by Ruslan Plastun on January 10, 2021

This question was already asked a while ago, and I wanted to check the present situation:

  • Can I control ads frequency from the dashboard? (e.g. frequency
    capping in Admob)
  • Can I control ads frequency through Unity IAP API?
  • If not, does that mean that I need to implement all that “frequency
    functionality manually?

One Answer

yes. admob and unity and other qd services have builtin ad frequency control for any user but they only return no add error when there is no ad. but you have to control them in client side or maybe you can have mid server that manages connection of your clients with adverisement server if you are afraid oc heating or ad overuse

Answered by virtouso on January 10, 2021

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