How can I make particles move like a square in Unity?

Game Development Asked by MagikarpSama on December 21, 2021

I would like to implement something like this in Unity:

enter image description here

I searched for how to implement such a functionality but only found stuff for circles which does not work with box shapes. How can I implement this?

One Answer

Create a particle system as a child of the sprite. Set it to create particles in world space, so spawned particles don't move when the system itself moves. That creates a "trail" effect like you see here.

Then create a looping timeline to create an animation to move the position of the particle effect around the sprite in any paths you want. A timeline can also be used to control any other settings of particle effects over time, which allows you to sequence some really neat choreographies for them.

Answered by Philipp on December 21, 2021

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