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unity : How to delete unused assets?

Hi i have some questions :How to properly delete unused asset ?I have an unused game object and i want to delete it together with its material/texture. I can select...

Asked on 09/06/2020 by andio

0 answer

Server Side Movement Box2D LibGDX

I am trying to implement server-side movement using box2d on libgdx client and planck-js(box2d for javascript) on nodejs server.I am running box2d world on both client and server....

Asked on 08/24/2020 by doggodonger

2 answer

Difference between #DEBUG and #DEVELOPMENT_BUILD in Unity?

I've seen these two special compilation macros in our code base, What's the difference between #Debug and #DEVELOPEMENT_BUILD in Unity? What's the main purpose of using each?#if DEBUGDebug.Log("DEBUG");#endif#if DEVELOPMENT_BUILDDebug.Log("DEVELOPMENT_BUILD");#endif...

Asked on 08/12/2020 by Emad

2 answer

websockets authentication security

Im doing a online game havingclient, js html5, and server, nodejs with websockets.I've read some blogs about websockets security, and its limitations, but no real implementation or example. Could...

Asked on 08/03/2020 by franmcod

2 answer

How to achieve variable jump height in an elegant and natural way

I am making a platformer, with a methodical approach to player physics. This is how I do variable jump height:if not btn(?) then g_fall *= 1.5endif (not...

Asked on 07/31/2020 by eguneys

0 answer

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