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How can I make particles move like a square in Unity?

I would like to implement something like this in Unity: I searched for how to implement such a functionality but...

Asked on 12/21/2021 by MagikarpSama

1 answer

Unity3D URP - How do I approach creating Fog of War for 3D top-down stealth game?

What I try to achieve is a fog of war system for 3d top-down stealth game. I have searched the Internet and it seems that behavior I want to achieve...

Asked on 12/21/2021 by Zekko

1 answer

How can I make the text flash?

I want to have text that flashes from green to white and back to green over and over until the window is closed? Below is what I have tried but...

Asked on 12/20/2021

1 answer

Transform.Rotate is jumping around

Why is the parent that contains 4 children jumping around and then settling into a position instead of rotating once by 90 deg? I can't seem to get it to...

Asked on 12/18/2021

1 answer

World space coords for 2d images

How can I make an 2d image using World space coords with a shape? Like a circle instead of a quad.In 3d you can modify the vertices but if I...

Asked on 12/15/2021 by user3134909

1 answer

How do I safely change properties on my skybox?

Usually in Unity, when your scripts make changes to something at runtime, those changes are not persisted back to design-time. This is generally considered a good thing. But...

Asked on 12/15/2021

1 answer

Why does masked animation look so strange?

I have an idle and a shooting animation.Both animations are perfectly tailored to my model. The idle animation looks like this: ...

Asked on 12/15/2021

1 answer

Save-security with MD5 hash

I'm working on a flash game that saves your progress locally. These saves can easily be hacked. My solution is to add an md5 hash of all the variables saved...

Asked on 12/13/2021 by Abdulla

3 answer

Rigidbody player controller on moving platforms

So basically, I was trying to make moving platforms. When I finished my prototype, I noticed that the movement on the platform is very wobbly:

Asked on 12/13/2021 by GoRgo 3

1 answer

Can I bring features of an Android game into another Android game?

Platform : Android Overview : Fifa 14 by EA sports has a manager mode, kick off and tournament mode in it, which was the last game of its series on...

Asked on 12/13/2021 by Thinkgood

1 answer

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