Fixing a stainless steel garden hose connector?

Gardening & Landscaping Asked on October 24, 2021

The picture below will describe this better than I can, but our 100 ft hose just blew apart at the faucet connection and it seems some piece that would go on the inside (maybe a rubber or plastic gasket?) fell out or inside the hose. I figured this should be an easy part to replace but have no idea what part/size I should be looking for. Don’t want to throw out a relatively new 100’ hose just for one small part!

Photo of hose end after it fell apart


See Polypipe Wrangler’s answer below… And here’s a picture that shows what he’s talking about. I was able to use a wire to pull this out and will try to find a way to secure it better so it doesn’t blow out again.

Inner tubing scooped out and reconnected

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The metal part you are holding is the outer non-kinking protective pipe. There should be a flexible rubbery tube inside. I hope it hasn't retreated far down the pipe because it has to go over the barb on the fitting shown.

Once the tubing is on, then you can see if it just compresses against the outer pipe (most likely) or needs a special part.

Answered by Polypipe Wrangler on October 24, 2021

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