How to remove mucilage from dragon fruit seed for better germination?

Gardening & Landscaping Asked on January 6, 2022

I bought a yellow dragon fruit (Pitaya) and extracted the seeds. After soaking the seeds in water in preparation for sowing, I noticed that a thick clear sac (called mucilage) swelled around the seeds.

There is a lot of literature around mucilage of tomato seeds. The general consensus is this mucilage prevents the seed from germinating while inside the fruit/vegetable. So one must soak the tomato seeds in water to dissolve the mucilage before sowing in soil.

All the literature on dragon fruit is littered with technical jargon that will make my head explode, so I thought I’d make some analogy with tomato seeds. The opposite effect seemed to have occur with dragon fruit seeds. The mucilage is now stronger than ever. I have difficulty removing it as it is extremely slippery and gooey when ruptured. What are your tips to remove this?

enter image description here
enter image description here

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