Lavender's scent

Gardening & Landscaping Asked by NewbieAeg on October 24, 2021

Recently my lavender bloomed (supposed to be lavender angustifolia)
but there’s no smell, the leaves however do smell when you rub them between your fingers.

Is it not a "scenty" lavender species? or does it take time for the flowers to actually produce any kind of scent? enter image description here

enter image description here

One Answer

Lavender is an aromatic plant and the flowers are scented; but they do not scent the air, both the flowers and the leaves have to be bruised or rubbed to release the scent, so if you were expecting to stand nearby and smell the lavender once in flower, you won't. Lavandula augustifolia is the main variety used to produce lavender oil, when both the flowers or flower buds and leaves are used, so they are fragrant.

Some plants do scent the air, things like Jasmine, honeysuckle, certain lilies or star jasmine, but many fragrant shrubs and herbs (thyme, sage) will only release their scent when bruised.

Answered by Bamboo on October 24, 2021

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