Newly Transplanted Palm with Fungus Issue

Gardening & Landscaping Asked by FloridaFlora on December 4, 2021

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Hello all. I had 2 palms put in June 9th 2020. Both of them were hurricane cut. The healthy one, not picutred here, still had a couple of fronds and looks great. The other – these photos – has zero fronds and also is having fungal issues. The first picture is the original fungus I saw – just dark bark and some white spotty fungus; the installer had me go up to the nursery and get ferti-lome 2-n-1 systemic; no instructions given so we followed the packaging based on foot height of palm. I applied the ferti-lome yesterday 6.22.2020; this AM there is a different fungus on the OTHER side of the tree – picture 2- a yellow powdery looking fungus that is clearly rapid growing. This palm also has some holes with black dead bark. I will contact the installer again but wanted some insight as I am not sure what to even ask. Can applying the ferti-lome make fungus come OUT? I am clueless here and hoping the photos show up.

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enter image description here

Adding a picture updated from 4 hours later noon on 6.22.2020
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If this helps anyone, the landscaper thinks it is getting too much water. I also contacted Univsity of FL; sounds like just need to supplement at this point approx 5 gallons a week or twice weekly in summer / drought. So I will see how this goes. The landscaper said I can use a topical fungicide also. Any other input welcomed!

Answered by FloridaFlora on December 4, 2021

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