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Will a periwinkle plant regrow leaves on bare branches?

I got a periwinkle plant from a relative. She's a bit absent-minded and barely watered it. When I got it, the branches were all bare (leaves fallen off) and no...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by souzan

1 answer

What is this seedling I found sprouted in my sink?

I found a seed that had sprouted unnoticed in my sink. I never saw the seed. By the time I saw anything it was a sprout. Curious as to what...

Asked on 12/31/2021 by Daanii

1 answer

Mystery plant misidentified as dragonfruit

Is it even a house plant? It was labeled as "florist" on the price tag so the staff weren't so sure about its' origins and suggested that it might be...

Asked on 12/28/2021 by Beeface

2 answer

What house plant this is?

My wife picked up this plant and it didnt had a tag , though it looks beautiful. I have noticed it...

Asked on 12/26/2021

0 answer

What kind of chilli is this that grows upwards?

This is a chilli I grew from some left over seeds. It's chillies grow upright. It's flowers are white on the inside and have purple lines on the outside. Any...

Asked on 12/26/2021 by jbx

1 answer

Get rid of small silver maples along fence line and around pool area

I have a problem with silver maples growing along my fence line, the sides of the house, and around the pool. Along the house and the pool they are...

Asked on 12/21/2021

1 answer

What plant is this? Might be a tree, but still a sapling. No flowers yet

Found this in my backyard, has been growing for 1-2 years....

Asked on 12/21/2021

0 answer

What plant/tree is this?

I found it like this in front of my door on the pavement. Most likely either dropped there by a bird.Is it a tree?Location: South of Ireland...

Asked on 12/19/2021

1 answer

Can gravel be used beneath wood chips for weed control?

I would like to put a picnic table in my front yard and I like the look of wood chips, but I don't like landscaping fabric. Would gravel, laid beneath...

Asked on 12/19/2021 by johncs

2 answer

What's this white stuff on my petunias?

Any idea what is happening here and how do I fix it???...

Asked on 12/14/2021

0 answer

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