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Plum Tree/Bush Mystery

We purchased our home two years ago and inherited what the former owner called two young "plum trees". Is this in fact a plum tree/bush?...

Asked on 12/14/2021

1 answer

How to open the motor cover of craftsman electric lawn mower?

ProblemThe lawn mower suddenly stopped working during grass cuttingLawn mower detailsI have an old model of craftsman lawn mower (2013 model?). It says 20" corded 12 Amp electric on the...

Asked on 12/14/2021 by umair durrani

1 answer

Cucumber disease/ pest identification

Can anyone tell me what is happening with this cucumber plant?...

Asked on 12/14/2021 by Machak

1 answer

What kind of beetle is this? Beneficial or Pest?

This beetle was found on napa cabbage. It doesn't look like it's feeding off the napa cabbage. Not sure if I should let it go to backyard where...

Asked on 12/14/2021 by EricC

1 answer

Zucchini, eggplant, melon and cucumber pest/disease?

I'm trying my hand at growing some vegetables on my balcony. I'm in Firenze, Italy, it's currently 30-35 degrees Celsius (about 95 Fahrenheit?) and I have full (10+ hours) sun...

Asked on 12/14/2021 by Niicole16

2 answer

What is the name of these flowering trees in Sydney, Australia?

These trees seem to be in full blossom right now. They bear pale yellow colour flowers and draw a lot of bees to them. I have not seen these...

Asked on 12/12/2021

1 answer

Identify plant with red spherical flowers with long hairy thin petals

Please help me identify this flower, I saw this in my garden in India...

Asked on 12/10/2021 by Prathiksha.S.B

1 answer

Zucchini leaves white, but not sure it's PM

I transplanted some zucchini seedlings about 2 weeks ago and one has developed this significant whitening on the leaves. I'm not sure it's powdery mildew. I've had that before, but...

Asked on 12/10/2021 by bb10

1 answer

Ficus elastica (robusta): what larva are these, and what is this white buildup?

my ficus has been doing well and growing well over the past 3 years. But recently two things have started happening:New leaves all become yellow and mushy, and sticky strings...

Asked on 12/10/2021

1 answer

Newly Transplanted Palm with Fungus Issue

Hello all. I had 2 palms put in June 9th 2020. Both of them were hurricane cut....

Asked on 12/04/2021 by FloridaFlora

1 answer

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