What do I do with compost bin contents

Gardening & Landscaping Asked on October 24, 2021

I’m not particularly green fingered but recently purchased a compost bin however I’m not entirely sure what I do with it once it’s full.

I’ve been putting grass cuttings and fruit/veg waste from the kitchen in it over the past few months however I’ve got a couple of questions.

  • How do I know when it’s all composted down?
    • And is there anything I need to do to help this process.
  • Once it’s become compost,
    • How do I use it
    • Does it need mixing in with soil/earth
  • Are there certain things I shouldn’t put in there.
    • I’ve avoided putting bramble cuttings in there and any branches I’ve cut down as it seemed that these would take longer to decompose.

One Answer

In my experience with composting, grass clippings and fruit/veg waste will not be enough. You need both green and brown. In other words, the greens you have been adding need to be balanced (50:50 ratio if possible) with brown stuff like dry leaves, twigs, sawdust, etc. The nitrogen (green stuff) needs to be balanced with carbon (brown stuff) and it all needs a lot of water, to facilitate the slow-burn that is needed. No dirt, and it needs to be turned over frequently so oxygen can feed the reaction.

You will know when it is done; the volume will shrink and it will be black with an earthy odor.

Answered by Jimmy Fix-it on October 24, 2021

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