Basic Authentication in Leaflet

Geographic Information Systems Asked by xenia on January 12, 2021

I’m using Leaflet to display map tiles. The map tiles are loaded from a different site using basic authentication.
So the url template looks like this: L.tileLayer('https://username:[email protected]/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}.png')

Unfortunately this results in map tiles not loading, since e.g. Internet Explorer just ignores the username and password in web site adresses.

Is there a way to succesfully authenticate the Leaflet map tile requests without using a proxy but still using basic authentication?

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Some browsers block links containing credentials, while others even block resources. I am able to load tiles which require HTTP basic authentication using Leaflet on Firefox, but not on Chrome.


Answered by Francesco Frassinelli on January 12, 2021

Without knowing the tile provider, hard to tell how to best to structure the URL call. A workaround could simply be to use a similar tile service... here's a bunch that show both preview and the L.tileLayer configurations:

Answered by GEO-X on January 12, 2021

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