Denied permission to save a project in new version of QGIS 3.10.7

Geographic Information Systems Asked by RWC on August 14, 2020

I have just downloaded QGIS 3.10.7 and when I open a project and make any changes and try to save it I get a message saying I "don’t have permission to save in this location". I also can not toggle editing on any layer. When I use my 3.4.9 version I can save anywhere and toggle editing no problem.

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My OS is Windows 10. I have been trying to save to the same folders I use for my gis projects. I have tried several locations. The message did suggest I get permission for the administrator (that would be me) and also that I save to a basic user directory c:userrwc instead of my "documents" folder or any subfolders, where I would typically save my gis projects.

Answered by RWC on August 14, 2020

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