Reading a specific overview layer from GeoTIFF file using GDAL / Python

Geographic Information Systems Asked on December 21, 2020

I know how to create the overviews to a specific geoTIFF file using GDAL ( i have tested it in QGIS), but I cannot find any good information on how to read these overviews individually in Python.

gdal.SetConfigOption('HFA_USE_RRD', 'YES')
outData = gdal.Open("test2.tiff",gdal.GA_Update)

i would expect the answer to be something like:

array = outData.GetOverviews(overviewlist = 2)

2 Answers

Here is the python gdal code to extract overview from Sentinel 2 JP2 format with overview level 2 (0-index).

import gdal
jp2 = "T32UMD_20190727T104029_TCI_10m.jp2"

dataset = gdal.Open(jp2)

band1 = dataset.GetRasterBand(1);
overview1 = band1.GetOverview(2);

band2 = dataset.GetRasterBand(2);
overview2 = band2.GetOverview(2);    

band3 = dataset.GetRasterBand(3);
overview3 = band3.GetOverview(2);

arr1 = overview1.ReadAsArray()
arr2 = overview2.ReadAsArray()
arr3 = overview3.ReadAsArray()

[cols, rows] = arr1.shape

driver = gdal.GetDriverByName("GTiff")
outdata = driver.Create("test_overview.tiff", rows, cols, 3, gdal.GDT_Byte)


outdata.FlushCache() ##saves to disk!!
outdata = None

Answered by Bằng Rikimaru on December 21, 2020

The reason to my problem was that I was not calling the function from the right class. GetOverview is called from the class Band.

Answered by William on December 21, 2020

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