Change color of symbol and automatically apply shared style

Graphic Design Asked by Ian Tran on December 10, 2020

I’m practicing creating a design system with Sketchapp.
I already defined the shared style for text.enter image description here

The above shared style are: Black/Left/Regular/Large & Center & Right.
I wish to apply the same shared text style for the below, only change the color to primary. Is there a quick way to do this (also apply the primary share style), instead of go to each symbol and apply the Primary/Left/Regular/Large style?
I have tried to change the color using the color picker, but only the color changes, the shared styles did not update?

One Answer

Take your color swatches and create symbols out of them and then insert as a symbol into the type symbol. You should then be able to edit those colors in the inspector list. Your color symbols need to be the same sizes in order for them all to populate.

Answered by A Frenz on December 10, 2020

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