Limit smart guides to current artboard

Graphic Design Asked by Julian Friesel on September 15, 2020

I work with artboards a lot, both in Photoshop and in Illustrator. I love them, particularly when creating multiple sizes of the same artwork.
I also love smart guides. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to love each other. When I work with multiple artboards the smart guides align to objects placed on other artboards, sometimes aligning to objects 4 artboards over.

Is there a way (or even a workaround) to limit smart guides to the current/active artboard? I found this question in a post on the adobe forum from 5 years ago, but no solution.

2 Answers

If layers are set up to be specific to each artboard (the artboards don’t share layers), then turning off the layer view for the unused artboard layers should disable smart guides from snapping to those now hidden layer elements.

Answered by Peter Kleine on September 15, 2020

I think the only way to limit what is snapped to a smart guide is changing what is in your screen view. So if you only want objects to snap to what is in the current artboard, then you need to zoom in to only show that artboard.

Answered by AndrewH on September 15, 2020

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