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USB 3.1 splitter Type C (male) to 2x Type A (male)

Because the default power of USB 3.1 is at max. 4,5 Watt I thought I could use a splitter or Y cable for that. The idea is that one USB-A...

Asked on 12/18/2021 by testing

0 answer

Need an audio player that loops forever

For a prototype, I need to use a MP3 player that meet these requirements:Loops a .mp3 file forever when turned onCan be plugged into a wall (no need to replace...

Asked on 12/14/2021

0 answer

eGPU for work environment suggestions

I have a task to build a few high-end PCs for video rendering, what I was wondering it might be better to have an eGPU so whenever anyone needs to...

Asked on 12/02/2021 by mahipundir

1 answer

Screen / monitor splitter / dual monitor on a laptop with only Type-c

I have an HP-envy that is very minimalist ports-wise.Basically it has two USB3 and a type-c ( and an SD-card slot ) - but the question is more general...

Asked on 11/18/2021 by Obmerk Kronen

1 answer

RGB bias lighting with HDMI passthru for ultrawide monitor

I'm looking into bias lighting for behind my monitor. I would prefer a device that has HDMI passthru since I plug in a few different devices (laptop, Nintendo Switch, etc.)....

Asked on 08/27/2021 by tycrek

1 answer

Small projector for affixing to a robot

I'm heading a research project in my robotics lab, and I'm looking for a small projector to affix to the top support structure of a LoCoBot. My...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Elias

1 answer

USB Camera for filming insects

I want to do a little study where I need to analyze the behaviour of insects like flies, bees and mosquitos. For this, I want to attach at least one...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by hey0

1 answer

Deep-learning device that supports Windows 7

I'm experimenting with neural networks, and I'd like to buy one of these devices like the Intel's Neural Compute Stick 2 or Google's Coral...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Ram Rachum

0 answer

Cheapest (jun 2020) discrete GPU with working powersaving on GNU / Linux multihead

With working I mean GNU/Linux temperatures should not exceed Windows' ones by 10 C° with low performance profile. Preferably powersaving support over multi monitor configurations should be...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Scrooge McDuck

0 answer

USB Switch for sensitive peripherals?

So I'm looking to share my camera/microphone between a PC and a Mac. In particular, I'm using Logitech C922 and an XLR microphone connected to Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd gen,...

Asked on 08/27/2021 by Predrag Beocanin

0 answer

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