A stream-direction agnostic USB hub?

Hardware Recommendations Asked by USB_S0lderer on October 27, 2020

I realize there are a lot of USB hub questions on this site but none of them relate to my wishes.

Is there a usb hub that has (or hub microcontroller that supports) X identical receptacles (for instance, all female USB A), and allows you to connect a computer to any of the ports with a male-to-male cable, and any devices to any of the ports in the same manner?

I know about "OTG" (on the go) hubs, but this isn’t really what I mean, because they still have 1 dedicated line to the computer rather than allowing freedom.

USB 4-pin (A, B): You would think that it’s possible to make a controller that has dynamic stream direction, because it can listen to the incoming descriptors and determine whether it should behave as an upstream or downstream connection.

USB 5-pin (micro, mini): This has a single pin for host/device negotiation. It would seem like child’s play to implement my idea on a micro usb hub.

USB 24-pin (C): I have heard of DRP (dual role port), but the hubs that I found that feature "DRP" also still have 1 dedicated line to the computer.

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