Indicate an external state to a router

Hardware Recommendations Asked by miroxlav on December 23, 2020

Is there some "light switch" or anything else what can indicate its state to a router.

In more detail:
I am searching for a simple Wi-Fi or Ethernet device, presence of which in the network can be quickly turned on and off in simple way – physically – to make a router recognize some external condition.

For example: When the device is switched on, it can reply to ping at static IP address and the MikroTik router (using its scripting language) knows that in turn it should enable for example guest Wi-Fi. Once the device is switched off, ping of no longer returns a reply so the router will disable the feature.

Ideally it should be a passive device or one with very low power consumption, low maintenance (i.e. not an older mobile phone which needs to be maintained charged and has a lengthy bootup/shutdown). The device does not need to be portable. If plugging/unplugging an Ethernet cable somewhere solves the problem, it would be also acceptable.

One Answer

If what you're specifically trying to do is turn wifi on and off remotely, that can be done with a small 5-port managed network switch and wifi access point, and sending port configuration commands to it via SSH.

Router -> Managed switch -> Wifi access point

You would write a script that then remotely configure the port to enable or disable it.

Turn off:

  • connect to managed switch
  • login user / password
  • configure port 7
  • disable
  • logout

If the router accepts commands via SSH, then you can probably do the same to remotely turn the guest wifi on and off, and without having to buy anything extra.

Turn off via SSH:

  • connect to router
  • login user / password
  • configure guest wifi
  • disable
  • logout

Answered by Dale Mahalko on December 23, 2020

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