Are ppr pipes not worth the money?

Home Improvement Asked on January 7, 2022

I installed PPR pipes in my house for water supply and now after investing so much of money and time a person today told me that plastic pipes are not good enough as they burst in freezing temperatures( we live in freezing temperatures and normally it dips 5 degrees Celsius below zero in winters). And also said that if hot water from a geyser(a water boiler) passes through them then the water stinks of the plastic!

From listening to this I’m very anxious and depressed. Has the money been wasted?
I’ve added a picture which has the details written on it, the right one is more detailed.
Any help is appreciated.
God bless you.enter image description here

One Answer

I'd insulate the pipes and move on

PPR, like PEX and unlike PVC, is a freeze-tolerant material; however, that doesn't mean that pipes made from it should be allowed to freeze on a routine basis. I would start by adding pipe insulation (foam pipe insulation is available as prefab, "peel and stick" pieces) provided these are not irrigation pipes, which should be drained/blown out for the winter season anyway. I am baffled as to how you wound up with plumbing runs on the outside of your house, though...

Answered by ThreePhaseEel on January 7, 2022

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