Finishing gaps between drywall panels on ceiling

Home Improvement Asked on December 16, 2020

Ran some drywall in a room on the ceiling and some of the joints have a gap about 1/4" wide (either at butts or one place by the wall, which may be closer to 3/8"). The gap at the wall was due to its angle and the other gaps at the butts were from slightly undercutting.

Is something that is still able to be finished?

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Those gaps are completely common and not an issue. Pros deal with far worse on almost any job, especially when another crew did the hanging.

You could pre-fill those gaps by skimming and let that dry (or use setting-type compound for a faster job). It'll shrink some, but it'll make the taping coat shrink a lot less. It's not necessary, though.

The fact is that these joints will be stronger than those with just surface finishes. The joint compound pushes through the gap and creates a shear bridge, locking the ends of the sheets together much more effectively than just a thin layer on the face would.

Answered by isherwood on December 16, 2020

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