How to best light up small walk-in closet?

Home Improvement Asked on December 6, 2020


I have a couple small walk-in closets in my apartment: they are 1-door-plus-few-centimetres wide (60–75cm) and fairly deep (95cm). The doors open from a hallway without direct natural light.

This, plus one’s own shadow when standing in the doorway makes that the inside is fairly dark.

I intend to use the cabinets for: laundry (stacked washer + dryer), shelved cupboard, coats + broom.


How to best light up such small walk-in closets?

My own research so far is:

  • I want the closets to automatically light up when the door is open (lighting would be beneficial at any time of the day and I am way to lazy to open a door and turn the light on — plus I’m sure I would forget to turn it off).
  • I plan to bring electricity through the closets anyway, so power supplied appliances is an option.

What I have found is:

  • Motion sensor LED stick: I have one like this in my garage and it woks quite well but:
    • it is battery powered,
    • installed over the door: it wouldn’t light up bottom shelves (plus there is still my own shadow)
    • installed on both side, at torso height: I fear they might fall or get knocked over as it’s only hold magnetically.
  • LED strips along the door frame: this would solve the shadow issue, but:
    • I’m still concerned about the fixing via 3M tape
    • I’m not sure how to best switch the light on when door is open (motion sensor, physical switch when door is closed, IR switch?).
  • Regular light bulbs (as suggested here) don’t seem like a real option (too bulky).

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