Can my physical location be detected with double VPN?

Information Security Asked on November 11, 2021

My company’s laptop has a VPN installed that connects to the company’s network. No other VPN software can be installed. However, I have a VPN router that has ExpressVPN installed so all devices connected to this router has VPN connection.

If I am out of state or in another country and set my location to my home state in the VPN router, then connect to my company’s network, can my physical location be detected in anyways?
I have disabled the browser location.

2 Answers

If you connect to the company VPN through your routers VPN the source IP seen by the companies VPN is the exit of your routers VPN. This way your company will not see the real IP address, assuming no other leaks exists.

But, the company will see the properties of the IP address from the VPN exit. It can find out that it is not an IP address given by your ISP. It might even be able to associate the IP address with a given VPN provider (i.e. ExpressVPN in your case). Thus, it might not know where exactly you are but it can deduce that you attempt to hide your real IP and that you are therefore likely not at home.

Answered by Steffen Ullrich on November 11, 2021

A malconfigured VPN can leak your real IP address. If it doesn't, however, it'll probably be fine and they won't know your real location.

Answered by yyyyyyyan on November 11, 2021

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