How can I safely use Get-Credential to obtain a username and password for a set period of time for use as command line arguments?

Information Security Asked on November 11, 2021

Credentials in the form of SSH keys can be stored in memory using SSH Agent; However, if clicking the wrong link, or running a malicious program they can also be snatched from memory and sent somewhere else; which is why ssh-add offers the -t option to specify how long keys will be kept in memory before one is required to reload them hopefully using a passphrase.

Powershell has simalar functionality using secure strings but we are discouraged from using it, especially when writing credentials to disk; but Powershell offers another option in which you can prompt a user for their username and password, store it in a variable that will last the length of the powershell session:

Is it possible to unload credentials gathered from Get-Credentials from memory after a set period of time, similar to ssh-add?

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