Third party cookies - does secure, httponly matter?

Information Security Asked by Pang Ser Lark on November 21, 2021

Was viewing this page on cookies and wondering for those under Third party cookies, such as TS*, TS01*, TSXXXXXXX_d, what does it mean by them being a "security" cookie? Does it mean there is no need to secure such cookies by configuring things like httponly/secure flags? thanks

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The TS* cookies belong to an F5 load balancer, which also acts as a security device (especially via it's Application Security Module (ASM)). The cookies and their various uses are described here.

I would interpret the web site describing these cookies as "Security" as meaning they're put in place and used by a security device, as opposed to the web site itself. They are, in fact, not marked secure by default, although it is possible to add that.

Answered by gowenfawr on November 21, 2021

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