Up until what age are you a 子供?

Japanese Language Asked by sospecial on October 7, 2020

I’ve provided the context of what made me ask this question below, as it could just be that I am misunderstanding the passage.

If I understand correctly, the first person is explaining that their friend has a めがねコンプレックス because she was teased by one of her classmates about this when she was younger(she is in high school now). The second person responds saying that’s childish (I believe referring to the complex). The third person then responds saying they are just a kid so it can’t be helped.  




However, they are all in high school, admittedly the person they are discussing is 1 year younger than them, so I’m not really sure that 実際子供 makes sense unless I am misunderstanding things.

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The definition of 子供/大人 is loose, and I don't think the third person said 実際子供なんだ with a specific age threshold in mind. See: What's the difference between 成人 and 大人?

Here, I think 子供だ said by the third speaker refers to almost the same thing as 子供っぽい. I would interpret this exchange like this:

"This (specific way of thinking) is childish."

"But (we all know) she is (always) a childish person."

Correct answer by naruto on October 7, 2020

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