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Joomla Asked by Giovanni de Maria on September 5, 2021

On my site there are 2 types of categories:

the first has link and in this case I cannot see the content of the page (the div with id “t3-mainbody” is missing in the generated HTML code).

The second type of category has link mysite-com/category and this works.

At the same time, the articles of the first category (link like don’t work (the div with id “t3-mainbody” is missing in the generated HTML code), but the articles of the second category work (link likemysite-com/category/article).

I use Joomla 3.9.19 and the Purity III theme (t3 framework).

How can I fix the first type of links?

One Answer

Try this: Global Configuration > Search Engine Friendly URLs: OFF

Do the "broken" pages now work?

Content > Articles > Options > "Integration" tab

"URL Routing" - is this set to Legacy or Modern? If "Modern" is set, what is "Remove IDs from URLs" set to?

Answered by Grant G on September 5, 2021

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