How to fix problem with relative path Joomla for a module using editor form field?

Joomla Asked by astridx on September 5, 2021

I have created one module in Joomla and added one form field of the type editor inside the manifest-XML.


It is possible to insert an image via this editor.

Everything works fine in the front end view, if there is no submenu. I mean: If the URL is joomla-cms/ the images are shown correcly.
But if the URL is joomla-cms/index.php/home/mysubmenu because I view the module in a submenu. The picture link is broken.

I had a look at the Joomla Core Module mod_custom. This module uses the tag <customContent />. I think I can not use this tag, because I need more than one editor field in my module.

One other solution would be to enter image path absolute. I do not want that. Is there another solution?

One Answer

I've now discovered that I need to insert a slash in front of the URL to load from the root directory. For example: /joomla-cms/images/joomla_black.png.

This is not good because many editors simply delete this slash. Also, the URL is not really relative anymore. It can not be easily used in a subdirectory anymore - for example in an test envirement with xampp.

Then I found out that the Joomla SEF system plugin could not be activated. That plugin is for does checking and correction the relative path. This was not the problem for me either. The plugin was active. In my case, the plugin has been bypassed because I use the input in JavaScript.

Therefore, I change now the editor input in my JavaScript file myself. I store the URL before in php.

<div data-uriroot='<?php echo JUri::root(); ?>'></div>

Then I paste this line in JavaScript.

var uriroot = element.getAttribute('data-uriroot');
MEINE_DITORTEXT.replace(/<img src="images/g, '<img src="' + uriroot + 'images')

Maybe another person might need it?

Answered by astridx on September 5, 2021

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