Joomla with Helix3 Framework, remove whitespaces above and below smartslider

Joomla Asked on November 20, 2021

I am designing a new site in joomla using helix3 framework. In the "about us"section i use smartslider 3 and what i need is not to have any white spaces, above and bellow… if possible. Is there a way to do this !!!???

Thank you all in advance.
enter image description here[![enter image description here][1]][1]

enter image description here

One Answer

You only need to modify the css.

By setting #sp-main-body { display: none; } the empty node is no longer rendered.

To specify a specific page, you can isolate the page by its itemid in the <body> tag.

To only modify the css on your home page, you can first target its unique body tag class then specify the deeper element to assign the new styling:

body.itemid-101 #sp-main-body {
    display: none;

See the element in your browser tools:

enter image description here

To implement this styling change, add/modify the custom.css file in the template's css folder.

A Google search will deliver lots of results that will confirm this guidance.

Answered by mickmackusa on November 20, 2021

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