Override 3d party extension plugin method

Joomla Asked by Dmitry Zar on September 5, 2021

I found some errors in the code of a third-party system plugin,
it is assumed that the developer will release updates and fix them,
but for today I would like to fix them myself, for this I made my system plugin,
in which I want to fix these methods. Not the whole class, but the methods. It is supposed to use something like a decorator.
I understand that you need to do this in the system plugin and I did it. Can this be implemented in this way?

class PlgOverride extends PlgAnotherExtension
    public function fixMehodName($type, $data)
        // my code

        return parent::fixMehodName($type, $data);

The official documentation says about events through which you can influence, but everywhere we are talking about replacing the entire class and only about kernel files or components or modules and not plugins.

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