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Other files overriding my template css with bootstrap?

I have a strange problem with one of my homepages. I changed the font-family and font-size in my Joomla Template (JM Guesthouse by Joomla Monster) and nothing happened. After some...

Asked on 11/19/2021 by MatthiasDunkel

1 answer

Javascript accordion with anchors for joomla

I do not know javascript and scss very well so I am struggling with creating an accordion for a page.I would like two options:When one panel is opened, the...

Asked on 11/05/2021 by fruit_alchemist

1 answer

Straight forward code example to save and retrieve the data for a Subform?

I hope that I may ask this, but is there a straight forward code example for a subform to save the data and to retrieve the data.What I have...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by user2363969

2 answer

Cannot Connect To MSSQL Server

I am using php 7 and trying to connect to mssql server. I have this code:<?php$serverName = "server"; //serverNameinstanceName$connectionInfo = array( "Database"=>"database", "UID"=>"userid", "PWD"=>"password");$conn = sqlsrv_connect( $serverName, $connectionInfo);if(...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by jamesMandatory

3 answer

After updating Joomla 3.9 - Class 'JoomlaCMSCacheCache' not found

I have updated Joomla to 3.9 and now I see this error every time I try to load the website:Error: Class 'JoomlaCMSCacheCache' not found: Class 'JoomlaCMSCacheCache' not foundError reporting is...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Kaballo

0 answer

PlotALOT RSForm Query showing only one result

After being helped very well by Stack community and learning a bit I created a query to show the sum of payments per client. A client can pay multiple times....

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Gart

1 answer

Getting module parameters in AJAX call using module id

I have set up an AJAX call in my module which works fine. I want to get the module parameters when I make the ajax call. So I'm...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by user1616338

1 answer

Pop up AcyMailing subscription form

I am trying to build a Joomla website with an AcyMailing subscription form. I'd like the form to be a pop-up window. I have researched thoroughly and I have achieved...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by ygiorgos

1 answer

How to display specific K2 extra field of current item with k2 tool module

I am trying to display specific extra field values of a specific item with the K2 tool module. I have tried to get just BRAND, but I'm getting stdClass::brand() error....

Asked on 09/05/2021 by okisan

2 answer

Override 3d party extension plugin method

I found some errors in the code of a third-party system plugin,it is assumed that the developer will release updates and fix them,but for today I would like...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Dmitry Zar

0 answer

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