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How to get an AJAX call in component's administrator side

I added a component to my site and it accesses my DB via an AJAX call. In my 'tmpl' folder, I have a 'default.php' file which makes an AJAX...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by LaioZatt

0 answer

Joomla DB where statement not works as expected

I don't understand the world right now. I try to make a simple query from the DB, but it fails with the message that the column is not known. I...

Asked on 09/05/2021

1 answer

Is there a quick way to deny all privledges for a user group?

It seems to me that when I create a new user group they have access to everything and I maybe only want them to have access to one thing e.g....

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Eoin

1 answer

Getting Category's custom fields in a blog view

I'm trying to get the custom fields value of a category in a blog view.I have try the article item method but on the child item (supposed to be...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Semaphore

1 answer

How to post checkout data to component using Ajax?

$.ajax({ url: Joomla.getOptions('system.paths').base+'/index.php?option=mypage&view=cartcheckout&task=cartcheckout_autoSave&tmpl=component&stepId='+stepId, type: 'POST', //async:false, data:values, dataType: 'json', success: function(response)...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by askerman

1 answer

Display specific Joomla user groups

This code snippet below shows the list of all Joomla user groups(registered,editor.superuser and ...) at component //...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by niaziblog

1 answer

Custom module doesn't work, messing up all page, messing up editor

I am using Joomla! 3.7.5 and JA Builder. I'm trying to create a block with custom module. Once I create it, paste code and assign position, then in page editor...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Viktoriia Shestak

1 answer

Change the standard path of images in TinyMCE, where can I find the init of this editor?

I know I can change the paths of tinyMCE to add a subdomain, see here: Only problem now is where can I find this init from the TinyMCE?...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Huub S

1 answer

Failed to Read Session Data After Renaming DB

Joomla 3.9.11 Working on localhost, today I decided to rename my database from dbtest to dbnew. I did this using HeidiSQL > rename db When I visit my site I...

Asked on 09/05/2021

2 answer

how to get value for search in joomla module

how to get value for search in joomla module. Does anyone know how to get the value for the search field? my problem is that after i search for specific...

Asked on 09/05/2021 by Rhea Lorraine

1 answer

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