How to translate "Self-Isolation" and "Garden-Conversation" to Latin?

Latin Language Asked on January 31, 2021

As new terminology enters the public lexicon how would some of these be expressed in Latin?

Self-Isolation: from segrego with a reflexive pronoun: “se segregat” = “he isolates himself.

The reflexive pronoun can be strengthened with an intensifier, a part of “ipse” = “self”;

“me (ipsum) segrego” = “I isolate myself”.

A perfect participle passive: “segregatus” = “(having been) isolated”

Alternatively, from “exsilium” = “exile”, the diminutive: “exiliunculus” = “little exile”; “little”, because unlike a real exile, the “victim”/ patient is confined in his own home.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): with delightful simplicity the Romans might well have used “armatura” (feminine noun) = armour, as a similie: “This functions as armour, (haec agit quasi armaturam) against the pestilence.”
Alternatively, adjective “armatus” = armed; equipped; fortified (contra morbum). Also “arma” (neuter plural noun): armour; shields; equipment (military) [Pock. Ox. Lat. Dict.].

Garden Conversation: friends and relatives may now speak at measured distance: one at the front door; other, at garden gate;

using “colloquium” (neuter noun): “colloquium veride” = “a green conversation”;

or, “sermo” (masculine noun): “sermo herbidus” = “a grassy conversation”.

Any thoughts, ideas or improvements?

One Answer

How about the adjective hortensis or hortensius for "garden", or the phrase per hortum to emphasize that the garden serves as a separation, rather than a surrounding? So, e.g. colloquium hortense or sermo per hortum?

Answered by gmvh on January 31, 2021

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