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Why is Antirrhinum written with two 'r'?

According to Wikipedia Antirrhinum (Dragon flower) is derived from ἀντί anti "against, like", and ῥίς rhis "nose". Therefore, I would expect it to be pronounced Anti-rrhinum (with a long 'i')....

Asked on 02/08/2021 by Corylus

2 answer

How to translate "Self-Isolation" and "Garden-Conversation" to Latin?

As new terminology enters the public lexicon how would some of these be expressed in Latin? Self-Isolation: from segrego with a reflexive pronoun: "se segregat" = "he isolates himself. The...

Asked on 01/31/2021

1 answer

What is the most modern calculus book in Latin?

I wonder if there is any modern math books especially calculus that is written in Latin like multivariable calculus, vector calculus etc.Not knowing how modern the get, I'd like...

Asked on 01/18/2021

1 answer

"From beyond the grave"

When someone does something after death — such as causing harm by their will — they can be said to act "from beyond the grave".Is there a similar idiom...

Asked on 01/09/2021

0 answer

Ut syllabās gravēs verbōrum didicimus?

Hanc rēgulam didicī dē verbīs:Sī syllaba paenultima brevis est, syllaba antepaenultima gravis fit.Sī autem longa est, ipsa gravis fit.Ut hanc rēgulam didicimus? Ex grammaticīs? Quō tempore haec rēgula vēra est?...

Asked on 01/08/2021 by Leaky Nun

0 answer

"Who washes the washer" in Latin

The machine that washes my clothes has somehow itself become unclean. How to clean it is a question for some other forum, but I am reminded of the saying...

Asked on 01/02/2021 by Robyn

2 answer

Is there a dictionary for pronunciation explanations?

All dictionaries I have seen that state vowel quantities simply state them but do not explain how the quantity of each vowel was determined.The same goes for the distinctions...

Asked on 12/31/2020 by Joonas Ilmavirta

0 answer

How do you say "favorite" in latin?

Is there any adjectives for "favorite" in latin ? E.g "My favorite place is Rome" And how about comparison ? E.g " My most favorite animal is Cats out of...

Asked on 12/28/2020

1 answer

Transcription of 3 latin lines in Dutch medieval manuscript

Hi Latin Stackexchange for my masters thesis I am transcribing a 16th century Dutch manuscript about alchemy.On folio 172r there are some Latin words and a Latin sentence. Can...

Asked on 11/26/2020 by LooselySubtle

1 answer

On the syntax of 'Cogitate quantis laboribus fundatum imperium (...) una nox paene delerit' (Cic. Cat. 4, 19)

Picking up the thread of analyzing beautiful structures involving participles in Cicero's works (e.g. see this link), I'd like to raise a question about the syntax of the following...

Asked on 11/07/2020 by Mitomino

2 answer

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