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Translating “cum chordis corda, cum fidibus fides”

I’m having trouble understanding the following construction:cum chordis corda, cum fidibus fidesIt is taken from a German manuscript by Dietericus mentioning that the human body should be like a divine...

Asked on 10/18/2020 by Ionică Bizău

1 answer

How to translate this part of Te lucis?

I am trying to translate part of the Te lucis ante terminum (Revised Latin text) I have trouble translating this:Præsta, Pater piíssime, Patríque compar Unice, cum Spíritu...

Asked on 10/17/2020 by arisc12

1 answer

Why did Medieval Latin use "ad" with the accusative instead of just using the dative?

Part of Documents of Medieval Latin (page 14) states several differences between Classical Latin and Medieval Latin. One isan increased use of prepositions where Classical Latin used a simple...

Asked on 09/29/2020 by HDE 226868

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